I have a table of results which is like that:

ID/ KEYWORD1/ ID-tbl1/ ID-tbl2

This table is the result of a data treatment which takes a KEYWORD from tbl1 and searches this same KEYWORD through tbl2. If a same KEYWORD is found in the two tables, this table of results is incremented with the KEYWORD and its respective IDs in tables 1 and 2. Each ID in these two tables have mutiple KEYWORDS.
My concern is that my KEYWORDS can be non relevant words like articles ( a, the, and ... ) or other things.

Therefore, I have "to weighten" the matchings sort of like in a google search... Where for a specific multiple keywords search coming from a single entry, a percentage is returned as:
- for client # 12, 7 keyword(s) out of 10 match with partnership offer number 68 (70%)
- for client # 45, 1 keyword(s) out of 20 match with partnership offer number 33 (5%)

Therefore some matches made on common, non relevant keywords as articles won't get as much attention as a true match made on pertinent keywords...

How can I do this, and present it in access? Should I do this with another table which will count the number of occurences for each keywords on a single entry?
help me!!!