I need a lot of information and as fast as I can get it.... isn't that always the way? I am mostly familiar with ms-sql and asp for hosting my info on the web...

For those of you who are familiar with MSSQL as well as FM Pro 6 ... is there one that is better than the other for a purely Web based system, and if so why? (We are using W2003, IIS, and .NET server wise) We also have some oracle db's that will need to be accessed somehow as well if that makes a difference.

Here's the question(s): I recently joined a department of our organization that is requesting FM for our web DB; so I need to know how FM works from the ground up ...

(Organization of information: DB's tables fields, relationships, tokens etc -- what are they how are they used etc etc so I can understand them from a mssql user's standpoint; also

Hosting information: can I access our fm unlimited db's using sql? or do I have to use CDML? What about ADO and SQL to reference FM data? What about Dreamweaver MX--asp and mssql is simple with that--how about FM?

Resource information: is there somewhere that has all this info compiled? I've looked for awhile now and I only find bits and pieces and nothing that puts it all together for me...)

I think that covers the basics of what I need... i know thats a lot of info, but even if you can help me with pieces of it thats better than nothing--thanks!