I've got a DB with a couple of treeview controls in it. I'm using the version 5 treeview. It runs fine on my machine, but won't run on the one person who needs to use it. Grr.

When I open the form, I get a 'There is no object in this control' message. When I created a new form on her machine and tried to stick a treeview control on it I got 'The OLE server isn't registered.'

I've tried:

1. Unregister/register comctl32.ocx (with same version on my box)
2. Looked for norton antivirus script conflict
3. Checked for missing references in the modules

This person is running win2k, with office 2k, except for Access, which is the 97 version. A mess, I know, but that's how the machine is set up. I'm going to try the regsvr on comdlg32.dll next, but I don't have high hopes.