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    Question Unanswered: Multiple Insert into DB

    I hv a SQL server table 'spmidishad'. Theere are 7 columns. One of it is Partner.

    Well, my searchresults.asp displays all the records retrived from my database (spmidishad). At the end of one row, there is a checkbox. Once a few is checked, i will press on the IMPORT button. This import button (the form action is from import.asp)
    is to import (insert) all the checked records into the database.. All rows inserted (the data) are the same except for the Partner column..

    Well, i want someone who can help me to figure out how I am suppose to do this..? Hope u understand what Im talking about here... Thankx..
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    Yusrin, I'm not sure if I understand your questions, but...

    I would suggest you loop through the Request.Form object gathering up the checked items from your form. Inside that loop, you can do an SQL INSERT for each item that was checked, and bingo, you're all set.

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