Hi All,
The project which Iam currently working has a two tier architecture with Java at the front end and oracle at back end.We are using MSAccess for producing reports.Access is taking report data from Oracle using the link table functionality of Access.Currently the MS Access client is opened from Java Client.Then onwards operation is from MS Access only. Each reports prompts the user to put some parameter values.

Now my client is having a new requirement.They want to take the MS Access Reports directly from Java client.In java client , they will have a reports menu which will list all the reports available.On clicking the reports it will collect the parameter values which are required and pass to the access and the reports will be produced.

I have done above mentioned reqiurement using Java's runtime class.
code snippets are given below:

Runtime rt = Runtime.getRuntime();
String[]callAndArgs= {"D:\\applns\\Office2000\\Office\\Msaccess.exe","D :\\docs\\db7.mdb","/cmd","report1"};

The above code is works fine.But for each call new MSAccess process is creating.I want to use same process for accessing all the reports.Java's run time currently doesn't provide any API,by which I can get the complete control over the external process.Is any other way to sort out this issue??

Thanks in Advance....