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    Question Unanswered: What is the best way to compare db for ver 11.5?

    Hi Expert,

    We would like to move data from old machine to new machine. We are using Sybase 11.5 on NT platform. If we want to use bcp, how can we compare the destination db is the same as source database?

    Can BCP load data in several tables instead of one table at a time? I am quite new in sybase so i might not know the useful tools out there.


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    1) bcp out the result of each table from the both servers and make a diff (on Unix, but I suppose that you will find a freeware tool comparing 2 files on NT)
    2) it's possible to bcp out (and in, with some restrictions) a table or a view. A view can be a select on several tables

    What is the source and what is the target ? if it's 2 ASEs on NT, why don't you simply dump/load the database from a server to an other ?

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