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    Unanswered: problomatical database

    Someone has asked me to fix a problem with a database of theirs unforchantly i don't have time to do it so perhaps someone here will help them

    the email:
    Ok - here's what I am trying to accomplish:

    The user does an invoice and is given an invoice no. say 10. The invoice is made up of several forms beginning with frmpolicy and from there the user clicks on the buttons PERILS (this open frmpolperils), CLAUSES (this opens frmpolclauses), INSURER (this opens frmpolins) and FINANCIAL (this opens frmpolfin).

    If the user has to make amendments to the policy he has to generate another invoice. So instead of re-typing all the information on all the forms, I want to bring up the data on the all the forms and have the user make the changes where necessary. So, I thought I would ask the user to enter the existing invoice no. of the record he would like to make the changes on and based on the invoice no. entered it would make a duplicate copy of the invoice so that the user can make the changes and save it as a new record with a new invoice no. in all the tables. What I did was copy the frmpolicy, renamed it frmpolicy1 and entered some code on 'ON LOAD' property that would look up the tblpolicy and populate the fields with the data based on the invoice no. entered. This worked great - but it only had 1 row of data and should only have 1 row per invoice no in this table. My trouble started where the form frmpolperils has more that 1 row of data. HOW DO I GET IT TO SHOW ALL THE DATA FOR THAT PARTICULAR INVOICE NO??????

    I hope my explanation above gives you a better understanding of what I am trying to accomplish.

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