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    Exclamation Unanswered: Change server name in MSSQL cluster

    Hi all, I've got PDC and BDC Windows NT 4.0 Servers (Enterprise edition) installed in the MS cluster. The clustered application is MS SQL server 7.0. Now I need to change names of both nodes - PDC and BDC Windows NT 4.0 Servers. Has anyone any experience with such operation ? Is it too risky ? Thanks a lot for any hint Michal

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    Changing the server names will break your SQL servers.

    I did this on a standalone (changed the server name) and SQL stopped working. The fix according to Microsoft was to reinstall SQL on the servers. When the installation starts it will see that all the components are already installed and then see the name resolution conflict and fix it.

    This worked for the standalone but I dont' know about the cluster.

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    Furthermore, you can not change the name of a PDC without reinstalling NT 4 server.

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