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    Smile Unanswered: Adding a new value to a listbox


    I have a table in my database which cantains a data for softwares which are installed on each users's PCs, the fields are:
    'id', 'user name','CoralDrow'(checkbox),..., and the last one is 'other' which is for another types for softwares will be typing by the user..
    my question is:
    if there is more than one 'other' software's name to save in this feild, how can i merge them and display them in a list box one by another..

    I Hope you can help..


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    Access 2K and above has the "Not in List" event that fires if you type in a value that is not found in the list.

    perhaps you can launch a small form from the not in list event that allows you to add the software titleand info into the underlying datasource for the combo box, and when the form closes, you requery the combo box, and then that software now becomes a choice in the list

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