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    Question Unanswered: Proc weird behavior?

    Hi all,

    I have a procedure, based on some query & conditions which returns 1 or zero for given user_id. It was working perfectly fine for my user_id (which is returning 1), but when I executed this proc today, it failed (returning 0). I checked the data in the table. Every thing was intact. Finally I recreated the procedure, it started working fine. Do you guys know why this weird behavior?. ( I vaguely remember other couple of procedure started behaving like this few days ago. I put some debug statements and recreated, then it started working). Do I have to re-create the procs regularly? How many days once?


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    What version of ASE are you on? There shouldn't be anything goofy like that. Could you provide the SQL for the proc?


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    Originally posted by MattR
    What version of ASE are you on? There shouldn't be anything goofy like that. Could you provide the SQL for the proc?
    I am using ASE

    Here is the proc.

    create proc verify_user (@user_id char(08)) as
    declare @flag char(01)
    declare @version_name varchar(25)

    select @version_name = rtrim(program_name)
    from master..sysprocesses
    where spid = @@spid

    IF (@version_name = "APP 1.0")
    return 0

    select @version_name = "%"+rtrim(@version_name)+"%"

    IF exists(select * from version
    where version_name like @version_name
    and status_cd = 'A')
    select @flag = u.flag
    from users u
    where u.user_id = @user_id

    if ( @flag = 'Y' )
    return 1
    return 0
    return 0

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    the procedure depends on how the client program logs into Sybase. When opening a connection, a client can pass a string tot he server, and this string later gets stored as "program_name". Your stored proc checks this string.

    Some clients use a hardwired string. For example the "isql" utility always passes a given name, and Artisan uses some other constant. In your case, you may have a client written in some other language, e.g. Java, Powerbuilder or Visual Basic. These languages can see the string, by passing a parameter usually called APPLICATION_NAME, or something like this, depending on the language.

    In a nut-shell: the random behaviour of your stored proc is probably caused by changes in the client code.

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