Need Help in getting started on a SP in SQL SERVER2000
I need help in writing a stored procedure on SQL Server 2000. Basically the stored procedure's primary task is to generate invoice records and insert the records in a invoice table. In order to generate the invoice records, I have an initial table which are basically Day Records. The task that I would like to complete is to select all records from that initial table and I guess put them into a temp table. Now that i have my temp table, I would like to loop thru the table record by record, and do inserts in the invoice table. I cant seem to figure out the syntax since I am somewhat weak in TSQL Programming. I would appreciate any assistance on this forum or to my email. Also If you need some pseudocode for the process or the DDL for the initial table and the invoice table, I can definitely post that in the forum possibly in the next thread. Please advise, I would need a full written syntax to get me started since i have some other processes that I would need to build using the template. Thanks again.