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    Unanswered: unable to create mde file

    I origigally created this DB in 2000 then upgraded to XP Developer and converted the db to 2002 but cannot make an mde now and it only gives me an error or "unable to create mde"

    I have set repilcation to "no" but it still gives me this error . When the db was a 2000 version I had no problem making the mde ? Any ideas ?

    I have read some messages on pre-compiling the code but can't seem to figure that out ?

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    from the 2002 database window view press alt F11
    then from the menu select Debug and then choose Compile

    correct all the errors and then reattempt to make the mde

    you will get a message saying that the db cannot be made into an mde if you have not fully converted to 2002 format

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