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    Unanswered: Distributed DB2 (db2nodes.cfg)

    Hi All,

    I have installed DB2 7.2 EEE as an instance owning partiton server on one machine and on another as a new node to the existing partition system. I installed them using my domain login and I have also given my domain login name the admin rights. Also I am using Windows 2000 Professional for both the machines. I am also using the trial version of DB2 7.2 EEE downloaded form

    While starting the instances, I get an error SQL6031N rc 3 which is Cannot open the db2nodes.cfg file in the sqllib directory. I also have the db2nodes.cfg file in my c:\programfiles\sqllib directory and the entry in it is as below

    0 GRADLAB5 gradlab5 0
    1 gradlab6 gradlab6

    also i have copied the db2nodes.cfg file in both the nodes within the sqllib directory. I would greatly appreciate any kind of assistance.

    Thanking You,

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    I'm not really familiar with EEE on windows but this is how it works on Unix and hopefully the mechanism is the same. If there are 2 servers then the instance home must be nfs mounted across both. Therefore you do not need to copy the db2nodes.cfg to both servers, it will reside under $insthome/sqllib/ and will be accessible from both.

    Also, for the unix environment, the db2nodes.cfg is as follows

    <logical node num> <hostname> <server instncenum> <switchname>

    To illustrate clearly, let us say that there are 2 servers with 4 logical nodes, the hostnames being udbeee01 and udbeee02 with switchnames udbeeesw01 and udbeeesw02 respectively. The entries will then be :

    0 udbeee01 0 udbeeesw01
    1 udbeee01 1 udbeeesw01
    2 udbeee02 0 udbeeesw02
    3 udbeee02 1 udbeeesw02

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for your reply.

    However, I know that my db2nodes.cfg file is correct and also I have only one partition on one system and another on the other system. That is, I do not have any logical nodes.

    Also the error I mentioned says that unable to open db2nodes.cfg. And the user response to which is : make sure the db2nodes.cfg is in the sqllib directory and not empty. And in my case, both of these are correct.

    Also as you said that the instance has to be on ntfs. Please let me know if both the machines has to be ntfs formated or can one of them be FAT.

    Also please let me know of any other reasons that you may think of which is causing this "SQL6031N reason code 3" error to occur.

    I have also checked all the security rights issue and given admin rights to both my domain login name and the local db2 server login name. Hence I don't think that the security would be the issue.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanking You,

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