SQL 2000 SP-3 on Windows 2000 Advanced Server:

I am processing mail from GroupWise using a CustomTask. I want to put the "From", "Subject" and "Body" text information from each message into fields of a DTS Global Variable (of type "<Other>"). I would like to avoid having to declare an intermediate recordset variable to hold the values, preferring instead to write the information directly to the Global Variable. Are there methods I can use to write records to a Global Variable from inside a Custom Task (written in VB 6.0)?

I realize that I could write the records to a recordset (using an ADO connection), but with the Global Variables so temptingly hanging out there, it would be nicer to go directly to one so that other tasks in the package could take advantage of it. It would also make the custom task more generic.

If I can get this working, I could run the process in the morning, adding the new records to a table, and process them later from multiple DTS packages based on their contents.

Any thoughts?

Also, if anyone else is using GroupWise, and wants a fairly good custom task to drop into a package to log in and send messages (including attachments) using the GroupWise API, I would be happy to send it to you. (You would need to have the GW client installed on the SQL server)