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    Unanswered: Finding records

    I would like to find out how to search for a specific record and then have it be displayed.

    I am working with Access 2002 and DAP pages.

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    for a general idea on how it works, make a form based on a table. open the form in design view, switch on the wizard, add a combobox and answer the wizard's first question:
    o find a record on my form
    and complete the rest of the wizard process.

    now have a look at the code the wizard generated:

    it makes a copy of the recordset underlying your form
    it does a .findfirst matching a field in your table the copy recordset with the combo
    it sets the form bookmark to the copy recordset bookmark

    there are also 100 + 1 other ways to do this, but you need to give some more detail in your question.

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    I have a table that right now holds about 7800 records. Each record has a unique account number and has 20 fields that need to be updated (1 field every 17 weeks). The whole database is using Data Access Pages.

    The records are only updated 17 weeks after they are created, and every 17 weeks after that. There might be 1 record or 1000 records that need to be updated that week, so I need to find a way to go to a curtain record, and not have to scroll through all the records.

    This is web-based so that different people, in different area's can update the accounts that are thiers. I would like to not have them be able to scroll the records, just search, find, and update.

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    "Each record has a unique account number and has 20 fields that need to be updated (1 field every 17 weeks)."

    It sounds to me like you have a problem with your database not being properly normalized. If these fields represent time-series data they should be in a separate table. I don't know if this will solve your current problem, but I'm sure it will prevent future problems.


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