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    Unanswered: Reporting front ends

    All of my current experience with Oracle has been in back-end processes (i.e., batch-type procedures and packages).

    I have been asked to develop a front-end that will allow users to execute stored procedures without having to log into SQL*Plus and type commands. All of these stored procedures accept arguments, so the front-end must be able to accept the arguments and pass them along.

    I am trying to determine the best approach for this front-end. Will Oracle Forms allow a user to run a procedure? Would PowerBuilder or Java be a better idea? (There is talk that this front-end could be added to the system's website AND it could be merged with the system's current user interface which is written in PowerBuilder).

    All assistance would be appreciated.


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    Front Ends Better Option

    Hi Michelle
    With my level of experience and exposure to Oracle has been that the Front End are best handled through Java.
    You could simply have CallableStatements, and use them to get the results back in your java class or JSP, and display a formatted result.

    Let me know if you need more information on how to do the same.

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