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    Arrow Unanswered: Caching in Oracle

    I have recently started working on Oracle, and would like to know the following. Since i come from a networking background, and have the inclination towards caching stuff, I wanted to know if there is something like Caching in Oracle.

    My question is detail would be, suppose I have a page which gets used quite often and more or less the SQLs in the same produce the same result everytime, is there a way I could classify those queries as being used extensively, and set aside the resultset in the cache (if there is any such case).

    I would appreciate response in this regards.

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    Oracle doesnt cache resultsets, it does however cache the data, indexes and sql execution plans. The cache for data and indexes is split into multiple caches for different blocksizes and also keep, default and recycle caches for those objects which should be cached always, cached sometimes and cached rarely (i.e. for v.large objects).

    for more info try


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