I'm trying to install IBM Informix Server Administrator, Version 1.50
on an AIX box:

aix2@root: /appl/informix/isa # oslevel

The programs asks for the email address, and when it reached step 6 (HTTP Server Password for user "informix"), I get the following error message (at lest 1000 times before I finally ctrl-c):

exec(): 0509-036 Cannot load program /appl/informix/isa/httpd/bin/htpasswd because of the following errors:
0509-130 Symbol resolution failed for htpasswd because:
0509-136 Symbol isinf (number 35) is not exported from
dependent module /usr/lib/libc.a(shr.o).
0509-192 Examine .loader section symbols with the
'dump -Tv' command.

Any idea ?