We are quite new to Form9i and using it with backend oracle9i database. The DB is on SUN Solaris 8. (SPARC m/c).

We have created a form in forms9i and running this form in Oracle9iDS on the same desktop. The form service servlet configuration file (formsweb.cfg) has been modfied to execute & open the form in Separate Window. The Oracle in-built menus is not being inherited in the form.

Now, we have following issues....When we are running this form...

1. The form is opening in separate window (JRE Window) in the browser, but it is showing a title on the top most browser frame. The title read as "Oracle Developer Forms Runtime - Web". HOW WE CAN REMOVE THIS TITLE WHEN WE RUN THIS FORM. ??

2. Just next to this title, we get another option "Windows" which shows cascade, horinontal etc. windows option. It is just like system windows option which we get on Words, Excel etc. HOW WE CAN GET RID OF THIS WINDOWS OPTION FROM WHEN WE RUN THIS FORM.??

Kindly suggest. We feel there might be few settings which we need to do it to achieve those points. Can anyone help me. Thanks a lot in advance and waiting for few tips / suggestion on above points.