I am working on an application (was finished with it prior to this bug) that is accessing a passworded database on a shared drive. I never tested the program with the 'read only' tab checked (or with a user that only has read permissions to this shared drive) for the database. I use CRecordset objects all throughout my program and these have user and password options with them... Previously the recordset options were opened using CRecordset::none, (now changed to CRecordset::ReadOnly) ... anyway, the problem is that if a user with read permissions tries to access the DB through my application, they get "Not a Valid Password." ... However, if the exact same process is carried out on a computer with write permissions, it works fine... I've gotten the same results here by checking the read only tab of the file properties for the database... The company that's using the software is three hours away and I'm a college student and have done everything I know how to do to try to sort this problem out but am getting nowhere... I'm using ODBC Recordset objects to interface with a microsoft access DB that's passworded and read only, if there's any workaround someone knows of, let me know! Changing the open parameters to CRecordset::ReadOnly didn't fix my problem.... Thanks in advance!