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    Question Unanswered: sql server via named pipe?

    I've been looking at using Microsofts IAS (Internet Authentication Service) on Windows 2000. My problem is I need to write back to a SQL server via ODBC and the best I can tell acording to Microsoft's documentation is that I can only write the accounting logs directly to a disk file or to a named pipe.

    If I understand named pipes correctly from my Unix days (then again this is microsoft not unix) a named pipe should look like a existing file willing to swallow anything tossed at it with an application sitting on the other side that will digest this data and then of course post it to a database server.

    My questions are, am I on the right track with my thinking? Can I actually write the data back via named pipe? Lastly if this can and should be done via a named pipe, is there an example someplace of what I need to be done?


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    Forget Named Pipe.
    Use TCP-IP (WiSock).

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