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    Question Unanswered: utf8 characters display problem.

    I have configured utf8 as default charset and utf8_nocase as sort order on the sybase 12.5 ASE server on solaris (SunOs 5.8).

    I have a table that has a column of datatype univarchar. I have inserted unicode data for some currency symbols like Yen, pound, euro etc (by prefixing with \u).

    When I retrieve this data on the screen using isql or a java program by "select column_name from table" statement, I get hexadecimal representation of this data like "0xb000" and not the actual currency symbols like Yen symbol or pound symbol.

    When I do a "select convert(char,column_name) from table", I get the currency symbols on the screen properly.

    I guess this is because of character set conversion not happening.

    I need to get the currency symbols on the screen properly using the "select column_name from table" statement. I dont want to use the "convert(char, column_name)" function.

    Can any one please suggest what needs to be done at server level ?
    Any configuration setting required for character conversion ?
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