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    Unanswered: SQL 6.5 datbase restore

    I'm having great fun with this SQL 6.5!!!

    My question for today is this:

    I have a backup a customer sent me - a .dat file.

    I created a device and database and want to restore the .dat file into this database.

    I right click, choose Backup/Restore, choose the Restore tab, From Device, Add File, navigate to the .dat file I want to restore and click OK.

    The backup file shows up in the Devices and Files window instead of the Backup Information window and the Restore Now button is not available for clicking.

    On another 6.5 system (with some other backups to restore), this process works fine. After I navigate to the file it shows up in the Backup Information window and I can click the Restore Now button and off it goes.

    Why on this other machine does the file show up in the Devices and FIles window and not show up in the Backup Information window and why is the Restore Now button greyed out?

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    A dat file is the extension for a device file that the database uses. A backup usually has a .bak extension.
    Contact the customer and ask what the file is. They may have just copied the file. Best to ask them to take a backup and send that.

    Failing that try creating a database with the same device sizes as the original database - important because in 6.5 some of this info was held in master. Then shut down sql server, copy the dat file over the one you just created a restart the server.
    Don't do this on a production server.

    Thinks that's the case - been a long time since I've used v6.5 and never used enterprise manager much.
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