Hello everybody,

We need to change our storage device, from the current EMC symmetrix to a new HP VA7410, keeping the same database server. We have SAP R/3 4.5B on Informix 7.3 and HP-UX 11.0, we are wondering about two ways to do that:

Backup/restore: the new storage device have a different size (500 GB) than the older one (120 GB), is possible to restore?

Copy raw devices: is it possible to do this, given both storages devices are connected to the same server?

We are considering the following steps:

- level 0 backup
- Unmount the disks, remove links
- Unplug the old storage device
- Connect the new storage device
- Mount the disk and create links, raw devices, etc.
- Create all dbspaces and chunks
- Cold restore

Copy raw devices:
- level 0 backup
- plug the new storage device
- mount the disks, create links and raw devices
- copy raw devices using dd command
- unmount old disk, raw devices and unplug old storage device

Of course we have to check the onconfig.

Which one of both ways do you consider is possible and better?, are there anothers ways?

Thanks in advance,