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    Question Unanswered: web page download


    my very simple task is to dowload a web page as a file. Or better say, I want to see if the web page changed......

    I work on unix box, so any VB activeX or other tools are not good.... also it is a production box, so I cannot use NetCat ..... I know KornShell, but it does not help a lot....

    I'd appretiate any help

    thanks a lot


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    Re: web page download

    perl -MLWP:imple -e 'getprint ""'

    The LWP:imple interface has methods to mirror webpages by checking page attributes. LWP::UserAgent has a fuller interface. Naturally, both these solutions rely on these modules being installed.

    Shell tools to return a web page are numerous: wget was created for this task; the lynx browser has a flag to output pages to stdout. Once again, it depends on what's installed. NetCat's nice 'cos you get eveything coming back from that port. If you can't get access to the HTTP headers, you'll have to save the pages and compare md5sums or something ...

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