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    Unanswered: DB2 UDB v 8.1 classes

    What are two good DB2 UDB 8.1 classes for DBAs to take? Does IBM offer an upgrade workshop class on 7.1 to 8.1? Thanks


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    Re: DB2 UDB v 8.1 classes

    IBM Offers a 2 day course on V8 Transition, which covers the new features of DB2 ...

    The other courses which may be useful are :

    DB2 UDB Advanced Administration
    DB2 Performance Tuning

    For EEE,
    EEE Admin
    EEE Performance

    Other courses

    High Availability (course on backup/recovery etc).

    Selecting these courses depends on the level of experience you have and more important, the budget ...

    Based on your postings here, if you have a budget for 2 courses, you can do advanced admin and performance. If only one course, attend Perforance Tuning .... 3 years back I have taught IBM classes ... One of them was advanced administration ... If I remember right, it had topics on Bufferpools, Auditing, Governor, Backup/recovery, db2dart,, data links, parallelism, DUOW etc.
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    Upgrade class for DB2?

    Thanks. I will take the DB2 v8 DBA EEE admin class and Performance tuning courses. Would really like to see IBM offer an upgrade course or seminar from upgrading DB2 UDB 7.x to 8.x. Upgrades are challenging and I bet if IBM offered training on how to perform upgrades that would be a major asset to its customer base. I know when I worked for SAP America that we had training on major R/3 Basis and database upgrades because it is challenging. Wonder why IBM does not offer an upgrade training course? Has anyone performed a major upgrade yet from DB2 UDB 7.1 to DB2 8.1 on AIX? Would be interested in hearing what your experiences and any gotchas that I need be aware of.


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