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    Cool Unanswered: Advice on Migrating from sybase 11.5 to 12.5

    Hi Greetings

    We are in a process of migrating from sybase 11.5 to 12.5 on HP9000/rp 2470 HP-Ux 11i two processor machine .
    At present we have ASE 11.5 on HP 10.20 on HP9000 D220 Uni processor machine.

    Few questions on how to migrate.

    1) Which one is advicable to dump on tape drive and load it into the new server or bcp?

    2) The new machine has 2 processors ,is there any configuration settings required to enable multi processor support for my database?.

    3) Apart from this is any tips or technical documents which can help me ?

    Thanks & Regards

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    I'm not very familiar with sybase on HP Boxes, but if you change the platform you normally bcp out/in the data

    make use of the max_engines parameter

    read the sybase install manual for unix/hp specs
    and the release notes for your platform

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    I also don't know much about HP but it seems you should be able to dump and load since it's the same platform. Read the migration docs and you should be ok.


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