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    Unanswered: Wanted the SQLDMO equivalent for Oracle 8i

    hi all,

    i have programmed in SQLDMO. If i want to gget the collection of USers/logins/dbroles in the oracle server , how to do it.
    I am new to oracle proggramming and am sorry if this is a silly question.

    awaiting your replies and some sample code if possible.

    thanking you,

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    'Brief' description of some Oracle tables/views that can help you.

    DICTIONARY - lists all data dictionary tables, views, synonyms accessible to user, with a brief description.

    ALL_CATALOG - all tables, views, synonyms, sequences accessible to the user

    The SYS user owns views that allow easier querying of the data dictionary. There are 3 classes of views -

    USER_xxxx - objects owned by the user can be accessed. Views with this prefix allow the user to display information about tables created by the user and privileges ganted by the user.

    ALL_xxxx - users can access objects to which they have been granted access, in addition to objects they own

    DBA_xxxx - for use by users with the DBA privilege - can access any object in the database

    Views that allow you to query user/role information. You may not have access to tables that start with DBA.

    DBA_USERS - all users of the database
    ALL_USERS - information about all users of the database

    DBA_ROLES - all roles which exist in the database

    DBA_ROLE_PRIVS - roles granted to users and roles
    USER_ROLE_PRIVS - roles granted to current user

    SESSION_ROLES - roles which the user currently has enabled
    SESSION_PRIVS - privileges which the user currently has set

    DBA_TAB_PRIVS - all grants on objects in the database
    USER_TAB_PRIVS - grants on objects for which the user is owner, grantor or grantee
    ALL_TAB_PRIVS - grants on objects for which tthe user is the grantor, grantee, owner, or an enabled role or PUBLIC is the guarantee

    DBA_SYS_PRIVS - system privileges granted to users and roles
    USER_SYS_PRIVS - system privileges granted to current user

    I've also been granted access to a view called v$session this is useful to find out information about someone who has logged in -

    select osuser, machine, username
    from v$session

    Gives me the operating system username, machine they are using and their Oracle username.

    select * from user_role_privs;

    Will give role information for the current logged in user.

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    thanx holdswi

    thats real good info..will be really useful.


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