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    Unanswered: running a query within a DTs package

    IF a run a query from within a DTS package will I have to use complete instructions, i.e. will I have to include in the query the name of the table that i am importing from or will the DTS package assume this?

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    Re: running a query within a DTs package

    Are you referring to performing a sql or transact/sql statement from within an execute sql task?

    If so, despite you establishing a connection with one or more servers/dbs (transform data task or not) you should have to specify the table you are referencing... when you are in the execute sql task properties (ie when you double click) you need to specify which server connection you are using in order to reference that specific table. There is a drop down box in the task's properties window called existing connection... pick the connection which references the server/db that contains the table which you will be performing a query on... You don't want to perform an update statement on tblcustomer (located in db1) and not specify the correct connection in which to find it!

    I hope that is what you were asking for if not, give a little shout back with a little more detail and we'll see what we can do.

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