I have a real strange problem: I have an application based on the MSDE 2000. This app performs XML-queries on the SQL-server. Thus there is no XML installed with MSDE, you need to install MDAC version 2.6, so that the app is running. With MDAC 2.6, a file called MSXML2.dll is installed. But if I try MDAC 2.7 or 2.7 SP1, the application is not running because it needs the MSXML2.dll-file. But Microsoft says that MDAC 2.7 is fully compatible to 2.6, but IT IS NOT!!! Can anybody tell me something about this probem? (all my customers ask me why they have to install 2.6 even if they have installed 2.7 or higher!)

Thank you very much.

Ronald Schlenker