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    Unanswered: Attempt to connect to database server () failed when called from thread

    I am using informix cli librraies to connect to a remote database. When I establish connections from the main thread it is fine. When I try to open a connection from a separate thread (after openning an initial set of connections from the main asw ell) it blocks and finally returns with the following error
    [Informix][Informix ODBC Driver][Informix]Attempt to connect to database server (xyz2_net) failed.

    The config are
    xyz1 onipcshm hp1 sqlexec
    xyz1_net onsoctcp hp1 sqlexec_net
    xyz2_net onsoctcp sqlexec_net

    remote host (
    xyz2 onipcshm hp2 sqlexec
    xyz2_net onsoctcp hp2 sqlexec_net

    sqlexec_net runs on 9002 on both machines

    Here is the log (online.log) from xyz2_net
    17:18:16 listener-thread: err = -25573: oserr = 233: errstr = : Network driver cannot accept a connection on the port.
    System error = 233.

    Any help shall be greatly appreciated
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    -25573 Network driver cannot accept a connection on the port.

    A system call has failed. See the UNIX system administrator for
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