I have two Siemens Unix servers which are running Informix DS 7.31 with ER. Both servers contain a database which I have replicated its tables. I have found out there are some records which appears in one server but not the other. We are login to one server (Server A) to perform insertion, updating and deletion transactions. These transactions are supposed to have replicated over to the other server (Server B).
When we purposely test out the replication, it is working fine. We inserted a record in Server A and we saw the same record appearing in Server B.
However, we discovered some records created by our users appearing in Server A but not Server B.
Running "cdr list ser" command, we can see both servers connected and active.
Could running "ontape" command to perform backup on Server A caused this problem? What about logging? What could have caused this problem to happen?
Thanks very much.