Pearl Knowledge Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of our new version - SQLCentric v.1.2.
SQLCentric, is a fully functional Web-based MSSQL-Centric Network Database Monitoring & Alert System which is deployed on your company’s corporate intranet.

SQLCentric is extremely easy to install, deploy, manage and use. No complex configuration.
Minimally invasive to the SQL Servers it monitors, and is a zero-impact solution._

Integrates seamlessly with your e-mail system to provide auto-alerts and follow-up messaging.

An intuitive administration module allows the user to manage servers, groups, & email operators, configure run-time parameters and disk alert thresholds._

Here are just some of the exciting features and enhancements in 1.2:
Now supports multiple named instances!

Dynamic Disk Management -_ monitors all logical disk partitions on a server.

Ping Drill-Down - You can now drill-down for ping connectivity details, and ping any server real-time - right from SQLCentric;

Is Cluster aware for SQL 2000, and displays the_names of each node involved in the cluster.

Master Database Server - You can choose any database server in your network (or local) to use as SQLCentric's master db server during installation, giving the user flexibility to separate the IIS component from the SQL Server, or keep it all local;

SMTP Alerting replaces the need to install an Outlook Client on the Application Server;

DB Connections - ODBC DSN's no longer required, and all connections are made thru DSN-less connection strings;

Error handling - Improved error handling now allows smoother user operation, eliminates RUN-TIME/SUBSCRIPT errors and displays user-friendly informational messages.

These are just some of the major enhancements to SQLCentric 1.2.

We believe that we are the only comprehensive web-based database monitoring and alert system designed specifically for MS SQL and the MS SQL DBA.
If you would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Download an Eval copy of SQLCentric v1.2 today! Goto the web site listed below.

Robert Pearl
Pearl Knowledge Solutions
(917) 499-7622