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    Question Unanswered: error while creating a standard snapshot in publisher

    Invalid column name ''. Error number: 207

    In SQL 2000, we have got 3 publications with dynamic filter criteria. We created the standard snapshot of the publisher 1(Pub1) and it worked fine and it created the snapshot as desired. We tried creating the snapshot of the publisher 2 (Pub2) and during the course of the creation of the snapshot; it gave “Invalid Column Name” error.

    The Column name on which it is failing is neither an identity column nor a unique identifier column.

    To work around the above problem, we tried out the following:
    · We deleted all the publishers and created pub2 initially and then created pub1. Pub2 got created successfully with pub1 failing with the same error message. So, the problem is concluded like this: The first publication gets created successfully always and the snapshot creation of the publication fails from the subsequent ones.
    · We tried restarting the SQL Agent services, which does not seem to work out.
    · We had added the NOT FOR REPLICATION option for all the identity columns and given the KEEP option in the Named Conflicts of the articles and also unchecked the Referential Integrity checkbox.

    The profiles gives the error on the following syntax
    exec sp_MSprepare_mergearticle N'dbo', N'Company_mst', N'FMSDBDTI', N'[dbo].[Company_mst]'

    exec sp_MSadd_snapshot_history @agent_id = 41, @runstatus = 6, @comments = N'Invalid column name ''intCreatedBy''.', @delivered_transactions = 1, @delivered_commands = 0, @log_error = 1, @update_existing_row = 0, @start_time_string = N'20030714 21:18:23.793'

    intCreatedBy is a int not null column in the table Company_mst

    Since none of them had worked out for us, kindly let us know what can be done to avoid the above problem as we are getting struck on this issue for the past 3 days and are not able to proceed further.
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