In MS SQL 7, I created a view. It appears that the view is causing a deadlock - one SPID is blocked while another SPID is blocking.

I can open the view and query against it. However, changing the view or attempts to drop it or attempts to Kill the the Blocking SPID are failing.
EM usually hangs or QA hangs.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this deadlock and drop the view? I can't find anything that can assist in dropping the view in BOL, etc.

The view is not that complex I thought it was straightforward.
It is joining four tables. I've attempted to join two tables that share the column Course ID. Problem is that the Course ID columns have no relation to each other. Possibly a parallel condition?
I made the view in the false expectation that it was a 1x1 join. All was fine until the landmine was primed by hitting the save button on the view.

BTW, I've inherited this from a former developer.