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    Unanswered: Joins Across Servers/Databases

    I am trying to determine how best to create a query that will allow me to perform 'joins across servers'.

    I want to create a single join that will join my production database (Oracle) with my Land Database (MSSQL) on a common key.

    From what I have gathered on other sites, it appears that SQLServer can perform this function, but I am not that technical and I am not a SQL programmer (eventhough I have access to one), and I am hoping there are some point and click apps that will let me perform this function.

    Any thoughts ?

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    the best way to join two databases for example from Oracle to MSSQL is to use ADBC. ADBC is a software package that expands the Oracle database. Once installed, you can select the MSSQL tables that should be visible in Oracle.

    If you like, we can assist you installing ADBC and developing the necessary functions for MSSQL to Oracle access.

    Please send me a mail to if you need further help in this way.

    Hope that helps ?

    Manfred Peter
    (Alligator Company Software GmbH)

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