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    Unanswered: Deploying a Db2 PL stored procedure on the production server

    We are setting up a DB2 (UDB 8.1 on Windows 2000 ) environment.
    I need some guidance to set up the development and deployment process.

    Lets say I have a development server A and a production server B.

    We do all the DB2 PL stored procedures development on the server A which is running windows 2000.
    Hence we have installed the Visual C++ complier to complie the stored procedures.

    Can I deploy/move those stored procedures from SERVER A to SERVER B
    with out recompiling it on server B.

    Our operations team is very much against installing a C/C++ complier on production SERVER B.

    How do we go about doing this whereby we would be able to develop the stored procedures on server A
    and then deploy it on SERVER B.

    We do not have the option of using JAVA stored procedures.

    Any help in this matter is very well appreciated.


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    Re: Deploying a Db2 PL stored procedure on the production server

    In the faq section , check the stored procedure deployment faq ..

    This was true for V7 , should also hold good for V8 ...

    Please let us know how you get along ...


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