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    Unanswered: report-by-group

    so simple it hurts!

    imagine a query that produces rows containing the following fields:
    SendTo (an e-mail address)
    Blah3 'etc (around 60 fields)

    NOTE that SendTo may be unique, or there might be 100 different SendTo in 1000 rows, or there might be 600 different SendTo in 1000 rows.

    (it's a mailing app that allows individual mailing, group-by-office, group-by-company. the user chooses the grouping level, and lots of querydef code makesthe query).

    i've got the report & the query


    my brain refuses to come up with a solution for creating a separate report for each DISTINCT SendTo containing one page for each of the rows having that SendTo.

    this is not a speed-critical app, it's a relatively small db, i have acres of white space to write code, i don't care how complicated it is, but i can't find a route to get there.

    heeeeeeeeeeelp! izy
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