I have a replicated database that I have been building for the last two years that I ran the security wizard on early on and created my own custom groups too. The problem is, I have since its conception had many data is deleted and such errors that required me to import all the tables, queries, forms, etc into fresh databases and then replace the broken old one during this time. But, I have just had people continue to use the icon that uses the workgroup to open the db using the old security settings. Now it is saying that the db hasn't been replicated in too long for everyone who opens it using this security file and that it should be replaced. I have rebuilt a brand new security file using a copy of the db to put in its place to stop this error popping up but my question is this: Is there a way to connect up a preexisting security file to the fresh db so that the security file updates with the replica besides making it the default way to open up access on your computer? To clarify: db gets mangled, then I have to import everything into a fresh db, is there a way to recconect that original security file to the fresh db? Thank you for you time.