I have a form which has a function to check all required data is present for a record and also to trigger other forms/code if pertinent info has changed (company address). On the form, when another form is opened that requires the original to be closed, the original stays open until the validation function is satisfied.

I have now added custom menus to allow easy navigation of the DB, and some of these require open forms to be closed. So - I have created a proc which closes all open forms UNLESS the open form is the one with the all important validation function.

Problem is, I can't access the validation function from the general module as far as I'm aware, so can't stop flow of the menu function if the validation is not OK. I would like the form in question to be closed by the general 'Close forms' proc IF everythig's valid......

As you can probably see - I am rapidly tying myself in knots here. Any de-spagghettiing advice very welcome.