Can someone help me with the problem I have. Please read the following postings I created on otn.oracle.com about my problem:

Post 1: Installing 9iAS (OUI error) Jul 15, 2003 1:34 AM
Hello guru's (I hope),
I'm trying to install 9iAS ( on a totally clean Windows 2000 server box (AMD Athlon 3000, 1GB of memory). I want to install both the 9iAS Infrastructure as well as 9iAS applications on it. When inserting the first installation disk and after pressing "Install" I get the following message:
The Jave RunTime Environment was not found at C:\DOCU~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\Orainstall2003-07-15_08-35-25AM\jre\bin\javaw.exe. Hence, the oracle Universal Installer cannot be run. Please visit http://www.javasoft.com and install JRE version 1.1.7 or higher again.
I've installed J2RE SE v1.4.2 downloaded from www.javasoft.com.
Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong. Do I have to install a 9i (9.0.2) database first?

Post 2: (answer by Fredrik Adolfsson ) Re: Installing 9iAS (OUI error) ( In Reply To : Installing 9iAS (OUI error) ) Jul 15, 2003 6:50 AM
Wonder why oui and java/jre is surrounded by myths and disinformation...
The error message lies. OUI has/uses its own java runtime (I even had to convince Oracle about that once! *lol*) It is copied to a temporary location when run from dist. media, as you can see from message, and installed in oracle_base/jre alongside oui itself.
Not sure though how to get around this problem... Is there a jre in temp/orainstall... or is it empty? Can you try to copy the first installation disk to C: and try again?

Post 3: Re: Installing 9iAS (OUI error) ( In Reply To : Re: Installing 9iAS (OUI error) ) Jul 15, 2003 11:50 PM
Hi Fredrik,
Thanks for your reply. I did try to copy the first installation disk to C: but I get the same result. There is no JRE in temp\orainstall. I do have the latest JAVAW.EXE in c:\WINNT\SYSTEM32, but the installation seems to go around that. It's exactly what you say, Oracle uses its own java runtime. I'm going to try installing a 9i database now. Maybe this will install the JRE correctly.

Post 4: Re: Installing 9iAS (OUI error) ( In Reply To : Re: Installing 9iAS (OUI error) ) Jul 16, 2003 12:22 AM
Just another thought, since the OUI for the 9.2 database installation seems to be running smoothly, after I've downloaded the ZIPs, unpacked them in c:\9iInstall and ran the setup. Could the OUI error for the installation of Oracle9IAS have something to do with the way I've burned my 9iAS installation CD's????? I downloaded the 3 installation ZIPS at home, unpacked them there and created the 3 CD's (with nero) which I'm trying to install here at my work. I'm slowly starting to think it has something to do with the long directory names???
After the error occurred I tried to locate the directory the error refers to (C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\OraInstall2003-07-15_08-35-25AM\jre\bin) and the farthest I get into that directory is to C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\OraInstall2003-07-15_08-35-25AM. the jre\bin subdirectory is nowhere to be found within that directory tree.

Well I've tried installing the 9.2 database and that worked fine. It also installed another OUI for me. When using that one I do get a bit further with the installation, selecting the products.jar file on the first installation disk in the STAGE directory. But after selecting the Oracle home for the infrastructure OUI say it can't find some kind of queries file and I can't do anything else than abort the installation.

It's become quite a story, but I hope there's someone who can help me.