Im trying form a recordset where some of the fields are calculated based on data from other records. As an example, Id like to have a field give the percent difference between a number in the current record, and the number in the same field of a different record. Im currently able to display the correct value in a form, but it is an unbound control. Id like to bind it to a field in a recordset. The problem Im running into is how to create the field in the recordset. By including a calculated field set to equal 1 in a stored query, the field is not updatable, so I cant change the fields value. Ive tried using ADO where fields can be appended to the recordset, but they can only be appended before the recordset is opened, and once I open the recordset using the query, my appended fields have been written over by the fields returned by the query. The only way Ive found to make the fields updatable is to include them in the original table, thus significantly bloating the database. Am I going about this wrong? Is it possible to include these fields in the recordset, or I am I better off simply computing these each time I display the record? Id like to be able to keep these values in the recordset for display in forms, reports, and possibly even charts in the future without having to recalculate each time. Thanks