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    Cool Unanswered: Check box to string in report

    How do I show the results of a checkbox on a form as a string on a report.
    checkbox on form is Yes, then report shows Yes in field
    checkbox on form is No, then report shows nothing in field
    thanx for your help

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    Re: Check box to string in report

    hey paxillian
    let´s say the name of the checkbox is cbActive
    you will need a string field in the report with following data source property:
    "=iif([cbActive] = true, "Yes", "")

    set the visible property of the cbActive checkbox to false
    good luck

    when using fields referring to other controls on a report, rename the referred controls; they must not be the same name as the column they are showing, or the report field will show "#error"
    in our case: [cbActive] is the controls name (which you refer to in the other control), [Active] would be the columns name

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