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    Question Unanswered: Access Security

    Is there a way to reattach a secured.mdb file as the security for a db after you've had to import all you access objects into a fresh db because of db problems? In the system that I have been making the database on now we have just a peer to peer network with a replica of the db that everyone uses on one person's computer. Also, how much of a pain is it to split a replicated database and drop the forms, reports, etc on each individuals' computer when it comes to replicating? Could this cut down on the number of 'record is deleted' and other corruption errors? I f I was to split the db, the design master I suppose would be on my computer--would the design master HAVE to be split too, since only I would be using it? Thank you all for your time

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    Re: Access Security

    I would check the system.mdw file and make sure it is attached to the new database. That is the default and should be connected already. You can check by going into Workgroup Administrator. Depending on the version, you will find it either in the Microsoft Office folder (2000 or older) or in the Security pull down (XP). I would suggest in the future making a copy of the system.mdw file, renaming it, and putting it in the folder with the database. I work with multiple DB's at a time with different security on each. I switch between the *.mdw files through the Workgroup Administrator. Just open that and click Join, browse to find the right file.

    Replication is fairly easy. Read the Access Help files which are pretty thorough on the subject. Hopefully this helps.

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