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    Unanswered: Compare Current date to last year

    I have a tabel that consists of Ticket sales with a date field.
    It contains records for ALL of Last Years Sales.
    I'm creating a report that will compare this years sales to date,
    to Last Years.
    I'm using a query to get the info for Last Years.
    I need to know how to set the criteria for the date field to
    equal the Current Day & Month for Last year.
    In other words:
    If my table contains records with dates from Jan 1, 2002
    thru December 31, 2002
    How do I get all the records up to July 16, 2002
    (current day/month for Previous Year)

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    you can get the date one year ago with:
    dateadd("yyyy", -1, now())


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