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    Wink Unanswered: Frustration when linking to Outlook 2002

    Hi everyone,

    I am currently working on a contact management database in Access using VBA, and wish to link the "Contacts" folder from my Outlook Personal Folders". When I try to link the table via the menus in Access )("File, Get External Data, Link Tables"), Access crashes out.

    Going the long way round, I came up with the following code, with the exact same result, Access crashes out, which suggests that the following code is CORRECT (ie: it does the same as working through the menus), so I was kind of hoping if someone had some ideas? Whether I am wrongly assume that this code is correct? or if there is some problem somewhere else (eg: DLL's, ActiveX, etc, etc)

    I have deleted and re-created my profile in MAPI, with the same result - the really frustrating part, is that last week when I tried to test that I _COULD_ make a connection, the damn thing worked! Now it doesn't...

    hmmmmm...any thoughts?

    'declare variables
    Dim dbaDatabase As DAO.Database
    Dim tbdDefinition As DAO.TableDef
    Dim conString As String

    'create database connection
    Set dbaDatabase = DBEngine.Workspaces(0).OpenDatabase("v:\vast\vast. mdb")

    'create connection string
    conString = "Exchange 4.0;MAPILEVEL=Personal Folders|;" _
    & "PROFILE=MS Exchange Settings;" _
    & "TABLETYPE=1;" _
    & "DATABASE=v:\vast\vast.mdb;"

    'create table definition
    Set tbdDefinition = dbaDatabase.CreateTableDef("Linked Exchange Folder")

    'connect to database
    tbdDefinition.Connect = conString
    tbdDefinition.SourceTableName = "tblContacts"

    'make table definition
    dbaDatabase.TableDefs.Append tbdDefinition

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    Re: Frustration when linking to Outlook 2002


    i have a couple of projects corresponding with outlook data.
    i had the same problem as you on some configurations.
    i have not solved them, but drew some conclusions:

    it occured to me, that access is not "REALLY" working inside the original data (i.e. outlook) but creating a physical copy in some temporary folder. this is bad

    what i do now is a programmed synchronisation between access or sql data and code, that actually accesses a public folder, reads contacts or other items and transfers data between them.

    i do it by adding the outlook library to the project references and use the procedures of the outlook model
    (for example contactitem.add...)

    of course it´s more work
    but on the other hand I can decide what´s the original and what´s the copy, by the way a thing, the customer was very much agreeing to (like "we use outlook for managing contacts, but we use access for statistics on them")
    and it is much more reliable and stable.

    i hope, this thoughts are usefull to you and will bring you to new ideas


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