hi all,

I recently used sp_addlinkedservers to sonnect between SQL server and oracle , nedded data from heterogenous db.

on the same lines , is it possible for such a scenario, that at the start of the appplication i ask the user his backend (some db already been used in the clients company). and at runtime i connect to that db for data. i WILL HAVE THE TABLE STRUCTURE FOR ALL THE DATABASES.
But is there a universal acceess methiod to all the db's.
In the sense a single sql statement that can work with any backend.(no probs then to having to code in T-sql/pl-sql/jet-sql , etc.).
just one sql for all data access,.

currently i have to write different sql's for all , and on the basis of a flag, execute the appropriate sql for a backend, eg.plsql for Oracle, t-sql for sqlserver.

using linked server i we can issue t-sql command , to any database(provided its supported). but for taht SQL SERVER is needed.