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    Unhappy Unanswered: ODBC for DB2 performances

    I have performance proble when using ODBC for DB2 on ZOS in Open Edition. The DB2 Catalog is very big. I wan't to use tsn DSNAOINI option called CLISCHEMA. But it doesn't work at all !!!
    I create all the CLISCHEMA specifics tables but when i do a test with the function GetPrimaryKeys (who use the DB2 catalog) i got very bad performances (about 6 seconds for a call) with or without the option.

    please i need help

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    if you are sure that the problem resides on DB2, check the following:
    - when did you reorganize your catalog tablespaces the last time
    - how old are the statistics for the catalog
    And try to "explain" your queries and check the access path.

    Maybe it can help you a little!
    Rodney Krick

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    Thanks, I just found my problem, it was in the syntax of the dsnaoini, i have to adjust my settings with the database name and the database location name.

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