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    Unanswered: comparing rows

    Is there any way of comparing specific rows in a table? i.e. I want to delete one of two rows in a table (that also has more rows in it other than the 2 i want to compare). Basicaly, each of the rows have a date field and a unique idtntifier, I want to compare two rows against each other using the unique indetifier and delete the one with the earliest date.

    Anyone know how this can be done?

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    Please send sample script that create this two tables and inset couple of rows. This will be the best way to help you.


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    as the term unique identifier already states, it is unique. This means that you can't compare on that field. Isn't there another 'identifying' column (a foreign key)? Otherwise, if all columns except the identifier and date compare all columns to each other.

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