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    Angry Unanswered: Restore from Appended Backup

    I have created a backup abtch file using

    osql -U sa -P -Q "BACKUP DATABASE dbname TO DISK = "backup.bck"

    Each time the batch file is run the appended "backup.bck" is appended.

    Restore seems to restore the first backup. How can I restore the latest (or other backups)?


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    You will have to find the FileID of the backup you want by running

    restore headeronly from disk = 'backup.bck'

    Then you will have to run

    BACKUP DATABASE dbname TO DISK = "backup.bck" with FILEID = n

    The syntax is a little rusty for me, so you may want to confirm with BOL.

    Good luck

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    Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you! Happy! Happy! Happy!

    Thanks McRowley!

    The exact instructions for anyone else are...

    Restoring From an Appended Backup

    RESTORE HEADERONLY FROM DISK = 'dbbackupnameandpath'
    This will show the list of backups - locate the POSITION column. Decide which 'POSITION' you wish to restore.

    Connect to the MASTER database (or any other db)

    RESTORE DATABASE dbname FROM DISK = 'dbbackupnameandpath' WITH FILE = positionnumber, REPLACE

    If you want to prevent the appending, simply add WITH INIT to the backup command

    osql -U sa -P -Q "BACKUP DATABASE dbname TO DISK = 'dbnameandpath' WITH INIT"

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